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Weddings by Two was born from the friendship between Laura Miller and Ben Fraser, who met at the Polaroid 20x24 Studio in NYC and then started dating, documenting most of their courtship on SX-70 film. Obviously, this dreamy existence lead to their own wedding (how could it not), also shot on Polaroid among various other mediums, because there's no such thing as too many cameras. These days, post-Covid, Ben is building camper vans while I (Laura) continue to do what I love best: take pictures. 

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Note: The following testimonials were pulled from Wedding Wire reviews. You can find more testimonials there for weddings I shot both solo and with my Weddings by Two colleagues. Some reviews reference our former photobooth company, We Love Photobooths. 

We are forever grateful that a friend recommended we contact Laura when we were planning our wedding! She was a professional from the first email to the final photo - and she was such a pleasure to work with on our big day. We will always truly treasure the memories Laura helped us to capture and appreciate how gracious & kind she was while doing so.

I do not have the keenest eye for taking good photos, so I made a few requests (no cliche shots, nothing overly staged, lots of smiles!), and Laura just ran with it. She got every shot I could have thought of, plus so many I didn't even think possible. And she made the process run so smoothly & seamlessly for me - a godsend for any crazed bride! The best part was that we had all of our gorgeous edited photos only a couple of weeks after the wedding!

I could never put into words how much we appreciated Laura's patience, professionalism & artistic eye. She is so incredibly talented. Everyone who has seen the wedding album just gushes over the beautiful photos. And when I posted a few pictures online, several friends commented that they looked as if they were straight from a magazine photo spread! So it goes without saying - we would certainly hire her again and highly recommend her & Weddings by Two's services for your family photography needs.

Love! Laura did a killer job for our wedding. Held in upstate NY at Helsinki Hudson, the setting was urban/vintage/country - not an easy combo. She caught every detail that makes that town and scene cool and original. We're not into the structured portraits, so Laura went for moments and action shots for family and friends. For our portraits, we strolled around town and used amazing old building structures and captured the culture of Hudson. Laura was up there ahead of time scoping out the landscape. Super cool. —Christine

Laura was lovely to work with and highly professional and one of the best choices we made for our wedding. She put a lot of effort into getting the shots that we wanted and was a kind and relaxing presence throughout the wedding day (and the months leading up to it).

We were thrilled to receive so many great images that will be a wonderful reminders of a very special day. Laura captured every moments without ever being obtrusive or pushy. I would also recommend using We Love Photobooths which is owned by Laura and her husband, as it was a huge hit at our wedding. Highly recommended! —Megan

I am so happy I found Laura. Being a photographer myself, captured images were one of the most important parts of my wedding. The images were not cheesy or staged and they captured the moments perfectly. Laura was busy through the entire wedding and reception, yet I hardly ever noticed her working and taking photos.

She took medium format FILM (a rarity nowadays) on top of digital images, which I LOVED. What they gave me is all that I could have wanted and more. —J

Laura was the best choice we could have possible made! Not only is she extremely professional, but also she is extremely nice. Moreover, her price was very fair. She is not one of those photographers who would try to make you pay more knowing that it is your wedding and people spend a lot! We got beautiful pictures, not only of us, but of all our guests too. It was amazing how Laura caught interesting and funny situations, and people most of the time did not even notice the camera. We got lots of compliments on the pictures from our guests. By the way, some of our friends were professional photographers, but they also complimented Laura's work! Thank you Laura for an amazing experience and amazing memory from our very important day! —Alexandra

Laura was amazing! The photos were amazing! There were everything we could have wanted and more!

I can't even begin to enumerate every single picture that made me groan, "Ooooh! I love THAT one!" Every-one, every-thing looked so beautiful! All of the perfect, lovely moments that she caught looked stunning. And the colors—even in the black and white photos—just popped! everything looked so crisp and bright and happy.

And I especially loved the holga photographs! Seriously, all modesty aside here, they look like they could be in a magazine! And don't get me started on the photobooth option. Everyone is STILL talking about the fun they had. It truly made the party. I cannot thank her enough for everything she did. Not only was she pleasant and wonderful the whole exhausting day, but leading up to the event she was always on top of her correspondence with us, and always open and reassuring. My wedding day was the best day of my whole life and I knew Laura would turn those moments into art. And she really, truly did! I cannot recommend their services more! —Cathleen

If you can't read this whole review because you're feeling saturated -- here's the takeaway: LAURA at Weddings By Two was PHENOMENAL. It's a no brainer -- contact them and book Laura.

We initially talked on the phone briefly, and then met for the first time for our engagement photos. She has a quiet chic about her - never intrusive, super duper thoughtful and very professional. She took the most amazing engagement photos. The photos are super natural and not posed -- they have a journalistic feel to them without feeling cold or sterile.

We loved her so much and were so excited about the wedding, that we hired her to do the night before at the rehearsal dinner.

All of our friends loved interacting with Laura - we got multiple compliments on her gentle, non-intrusive, intuitive approach to taking photos during the wedding. She honestly felt like a good friend at the wedding instead of a 'photography vendor.'

As a side note, we used We Heart PhotoBooths as well, and it was a HUGE hit. I mean huge. Gordon was our point person, and he was super responsive and friendly, they are super duper flexible and made it easy.

Can't recommend her and Weddings by Two enough -- this is a no brainer people.. A+++++++ —S

Our various communities came together in full force to make our wedding happen. Essentially every person involved was a close friend or family member, save one. Laura was the only “wedding vendor” we called upon from outside our group of friends, the only person onsite we didn’t already know! We are so happy about this decision. Laura integrated herself seamlessly into the festivities, and several wedding guests have since commented that they felt she was somehow everywhere at once. Now that’s exactly what you want from a wedding photographer! —Rebecca and Bianca

Laura of Weddings by Two went so far above and beyond anything we could have hoped for with her remarkable photography. Despite there never being quite enough time that day for all we wished to take in, she managed to capture every moment with style — portraits we will forever be proud of (inspired by John Singer Sargent’s portrait of Madame X and Jacques-Louis David’s portrait of Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier and Marie-Anne-Pierrette Paulze), as well as candid shots that document the day’s most touching and funniest moments perfectly. —Shaina and Milton

We feel so lucky to have found Laura. From day one, we knew she would be the perfect choice for us. Warm and kind and with an amazing portfolio. We had a small wedding and Laura shot the day on her own. She captured breath taking photos of the day. Her talent is on another level. I love to relive the day from time to time and looking at the photos Laura took lets me do it. Thank you, Laura. We are forever grateful. —Aisha

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