laura miller

received her training as a journalist in Washington, D.C., and through assisting some of New York City’s top fashion, editorial and art photographers. Her work has been featured in numerous publications including Harper’s Bazaar, USA Today, and Martha Stewart Weddings. Together with Ben and a third partner, she is co-founder of See Change and has traveled across the U.S. and the globe, partnering with organizations who work toward social and economic change.

Laura is writing this so not about to go on bragging too much. What you should know is that she is a very hard worker and loves people so much that she practically wants to marry all of her clients herself. Consequently, she is driven to produce the best possible pictures at any expense. She does not mind getting stepped on during the Hora, for example, given how much fun it is.

On a more serious note, she is inspired by documentary photographs with multiple layers of interest, and in both candid and composed images that are sincere and lasting representations of people and of a time.