guy ambrosino

Say his name around our studio and watch all of our faces contort into some kind of dreamy nostalgia. Guy was, prior to this year, our photo booth manager and full-time colleague. He has since decided to continue with us as senior photographer (thank goodness) while pursuing his own personal art and photography. Which just means that we see him once a week instead of once a day, and we are getting by, sort of (thanks for asking). Anyway! What is most important to say about Guy is that no one in the history of the world who has met Guy has not fallen in love with him and what he produces as an artist. He could scribble on a piece of paper and hang it up on the wall and you would want to buy it for untold amounts of money.

Simply put, Guy is an artist, through and through. I don’t know how else to explain it, trite as it may sound. In this case, it is true. I (Laura) have known Guy for almost 15 years, longer than I have known my Weddings by Two co-founder and husband Ben, and I love nothing more than seeing what Guy is making lately. It could be photography, it could be painting, drawing, a garden, or a house renovation. It will always be beautiful, thoughtfully constructed, and not what everyone else would have done. It will be better.

Side note: If food is extremely important to anyone’s wedding, Guy is your guy. His photography related to the culture of food has been published in numerous books, including the stunningly beautiful Coming Home to Sicily that he and his wife Kate Winslow (writer, editor) produced last year with Sicilian chef Fabrizia Lanza.